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It's getting really hot here. I live in South Korea and the summer is almost tropical. Last year my video card burned out, hopefully it's not going to happen again. :)

Anyway, I've been working on some new monsters to take advantage of the new Giant Rat agent archetype. I've tried to keep the absolute number of archetypes to a minimum, as many monsters as possible share armatures and animations to help save development time.

The Giant Rat has spawned 7 different monsters.

One of my favorites is the Cockatrice:
A dangerous monster from the lower levels.
Click for a video of the other monsters.

One of the places most associated with the original tale of the cockatrice, Wherewell near Andover, is just a few miles from my hometown in England. When I read about it I was quite homesick, I remember the many warm (but not tropical) summers I spent riding out to that small town where the cockatrice was said to have lived in a well. I used to swim in the stream with my friends and dry out in the sun with not a soul around for miles and miles.

I've also been working on the prefab editor which is up to version 6 now. I made some changes so map display is independent of indexes, but is rather gathered from a set of single letter strings in a look up dictionary. This means I can change the indexes as much as I want, adding or taking away different types of tiles as long as I keep the reference dictionary up to date.


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What have I been up to this month?

Well you can see it in a couple of development blog videos, here, here and here.

Vinland 1936 is a game I've been working on (on and off) for about 3 years. It is somewhat based on the old Nirval interactive game, Blitzkrieg;

I hope you've played it since it is one of the best games ever!!! (IMHO)
Blitzkrieg was a real time tactics game. You didn't build a base, or spawn units. It wasn't about rushing the enemy. You got a small number of troops and vehicles that could be replenished or repaired if you had access to a supply base and the right supply trucks, but couldn't be replaced if lost. Once your vehicles were destroyed and your infantry killed you were finished. You couldn't just churn out some more from your factory and have another go at rushing the enemy guns. This made you invest a lot in each of your units. They really mattered.

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Narrative and structure in traditional fiction  last week I started writing a story set in the world I'm developing for my game Vinland: 1936.

I hope the story will help me to flesh out my game world and develop my own expanded universe which will be a good place to set my games in the future.

After about a week of work, on and off I've progressed the story to outline stage. For each character thread I have half a dozen chapters which plot a course through the events of the story. Each thread is told from the perspective of a different character.

Actually I started writing as soon as I had my outline, but I've since gone back and deleted what …

Back to Vinland.

I'm going back to my real time tactics project, Vinland 1936.
While working on the other project I overcame the problems which were stopping me from saving/loading the game and also cleaned up the base code a lot.

After a few weeks I'm getting near the the state I was in before.

Infantry are back to their previous state, and vehicles are running OK.
This time I'm going to push ahead with mocking up the combat system though before I work any more on the vehicle builder or graphical aspects of the game.