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Summer Burnout!

Progress on my usual projects has been slow this month, my computer was suffering from severe slow down and a couple of times even shut down with a CPU overheat error.
Korea can be a very hot country, and a lot of expats who come and live here aren't used to all that entails. I'm from the UK where temperatures rarely get above 23°C (73°F) in the summer. Here temperatures above 30°C (86°F) are common, and the humidity can make that even harder to endure. It's not just humans and animals which have trouble in that weather, computer hardware can suffer performance reduction and quickly degrade if it's running at a high temperature for a long time.
If you're running an expensive gaming rig it might already have a state of the art cooling system, but the vast majority of expats won't want to invest in this kind of set-up. The computer I use the most is actually the one in my classroom, which is an ancient Windows 7 machine with an integrated graphics card. It'…

Bombs away!

You can see the latest progress on the project in the most recent video diary here.
A lot of work has been going on trying to get the AI to work well, without causing too much drain on computational resources. Trying to get AI states to be more flexible so that an artillery weapon might use normal attacks if the enemy gets too close, instead of trying to do long ranged attacks on a target the other side of the map. And so on.

I also finally got around to adding an effect to the air support actions so they have an actual aircraft fly in and drop bombs or reveal the map.

It's a bi-plane because the current version of the game is set in 1936, with early war technology. The current plan is to get this one finished with a basic set of game-play options and then produce expansions or sequels with all the other great stuff I want to do; custom vehicles, procedurally generated missions and so on.

The tactical side of the game is maturing right now, with the introduction of four different …