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Treasures Of The Deep Dwellers: A Real Time Grid Based Roguelike?

Hello again!
It's been quite a while since I posted here. I've been working on other projects, and spending a lot more time with my family, but the core reason is that I just lost interest in the project as it stood.

But wait! I haven't given up. I just needed some time and some ideas to remake my vision in to something that:
A: I can finish. and B: Is actually fun.

So read on for the next chapter in the development hell of:
This time last year I took a break from this project since it was wearing me down.
I realized I was making a game for me, with stuff that I liked. But which I would probably never play.

What I really wanted to do was capture some of the excitement and joy of playing an RPG / Roguelike for the first time...
And package that as something that modern players would actually find enjoyable.
So it's clearly time to start over.

 Where do I go from here then? Well, one idea I had was for making the game real time, and grid based. I've …