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Title character.

I've been thinking of how the game should start, even at this early stage of development, I need some eye candy. If I want to get people involved in the project there has to be something which grabs their attention from first opening the game.

So I made the adventuress.

She's not quite as I first conceived her, She was going to be a lot more medieval, but I ended up taking the base character I was working on and using it for a pirate based art competition with sketchfab and Blender artists forum.

After that i adjusted the character slightly using some of the props i created for the still life which will serve as a submenu background.

I think she shows the idea of mismatched armor, jewels, interesting equipment and toughness which I want to show in my project. I didn't want to make a girl in a chainmail bikini. This is a tough adventurer, ready to go further in to the deadly labyrinth.

I haven't posted for a while because I'm kind of stuck. There's some code tha…