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Roguelike arcade?

BGMC16 Recently I took part in (and won) the 16th Blender game making challenge. This is a week long game jam for the blender game engine. It's always a good time to make quick prototype games and see what an idea might look like if it was brought to completion.

For the contest I made a super bomberman style game, but with some roguelike elements. You can play it at GameJolt.

You can see right away the level generation, made using a BSP tree algorithm. There's also grid based movement, and permanent death (you only get one life).

The AI was super simple to set up, and the whole game was so easy to program compared to a more "simulation" type RPG.

The theme of the competition was stealth, so in the game you should try to get past guards who have a limited field of vision, and an limited attention span. This makes stealth as a game plan a real possibility. They will follow you if they see you, but if they lose you they go back to patrolling. This made me think of ste…