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Cleaning up and moving forward.

I did a little housework on the project today, I finally decided to go with the legacy texture mode because I can fake nearly all the things I can do with the advanced render mode, get a better framerate and be sure that almost anyone can run the game, even if they're using windows XP on a 5 year old laptop.

I went through all the currently added monsters and optimized them for the single texture rendering environment. That means they're not going to have any flashy stuff like normal maps, but to be honest, the characters are so small you couldn't see the results anyway.

Here's a shot of some of the monsters, the Undead:

The green guys are specters, they can walk through walls. The zombies and skeletons are parts, I'll be mixing and matching heads, bodies, skeletal limbs and armor to create a whole bunch of different possible undead creations.

As you can see, they look fine, with just a diffuse texture, anything else would be overkill.

Here's what they might look like with random bodyparts:

I also worked on some code concepts for swimming and jumping. I moved the water level up in the tileset I've been testing so that I'll be able to try it out soon and see how it works. if you can't find a bridge, or an alternative way round, it may be possible to swim across a flooded area, but you're going to risk ruining your items. Of course you could leave most of your gear behind and go skinny dipping, but what if there's a monster hiding in that room on the other side?

I want to add a lot of exploration type movement to the game, so you can climb down pits of you have a rope, or jump over a section of collapsed flooring, or swim down a flooded corridor to see if there's any interesting gear at the other end. I'm working on all the different types of movement now so I can be sure to be able to create interesting tilesets and dungeon generation rules to allow the player to use them.

I found some old portraits to use for testing from the old Neverwinter Nights forum. I'll get some proper ones in future, but for now they just need to work for testing and keeping track of the players.

Here's what I'll be using for alpha testing. Anyone who ever played the original NWNs will probably recognize a few. The bottom row are going to be potential NPCs.

 If anyone knows someone who is good at 2d portraits or knows a good selection of free, non-copyrighted portraits I can use, please tell me.


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