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I finished working on the code for adding foliage and having some extra time I decided to experiment with the code for rockets.

The original idea I had was that rockets would be large vehicle components that can be fired very quickly, regardless of how much manpower is used for reloading.

They would use up a lot of ammo, so they would run dry after a short but devastating barrage.
The problem here is that it's easy to take advantage of this by adding a lot of ammo, which is much smaller than in bulk than the rockets.

There's also the problem of firing large caliber rockets. In real life rockets of up to 30cm were used, but I think that will be too powerful for the scale of combat in this game.

lol. Somehow that one trooper survived the mother of all explosions...

A 30cm rocket could contain nearly 30KG of explosive. That would be a very large explosion.

I've tried to balance the game by using a simple equation to make bigger guns more powerful, but hopefully not too powerful.

There's an interesting breakdown of the effects of different types of artillery shell here, but this is a game, so balance and interesting gameplay are much more important than true realism.

So rockets are going to work differently. Each rocket will be very small, so you can mount a lot of them on a vehicle. They will fire in a burst, and then all the racks need to be reloaded from on-board reserves or a nearby ammo dump, so they will have a very long reload time.

I'm also not going to include the 30cm rockets for now. They can wait for the sequel.


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