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The name of the game.

 It's possible that I've settled on a name for the project after nearly 2 years of it being untitled. I'm still not 100%, as giving a game a name pretty much ties down what you want to do with it. From that point you can't go and change a lot of what you've done without the name seeming to be a bad fit. That's unless you've got some vague name like "Dirt" which could be about anything. I think "The Treasures of the Deep Dwellers" is a good working title, though it'll probably be more of a module title, with later releases having a core name. It has the tag line "A level zero adventure" which reflects the idea I have for the game as being more about stretching out the lower levels, that time before players become lightning bolt chucking, +5 sword wielding demigods. I want a low magic, low power adventure, where things like food, potions, scrolls and tools and using your brain is more important than just blasting everything and then casting mass heal on your party.

The dwellers of the deep. 
The result of my second attempt at hand painted textures.

The deep dwellers of the title are Morlock type creatures. They are divided in to two castes, citizens and slaves. They are the twisted descendants of the great empires that once ruled the Earth before they destroyed themselves with an apocalyptic war of magic. The Citizens are more intelligent but physically weaker, while the slaves are pretty stupid and cowardly, but are tough and strong and suffer no penalties for fighting in the dark.

To go with the tile, I've finally got around to putting the finishing touches to the title screen. This is an in game render running at 60+ frames per second, it has a single 1024x1024 texture plus a small texture for the lamp. I tried to give the scene a bit of narrative while making it look like an old school adventure pen and paper module cover. I may change the text a bit, and a few other things later but for now it's finished and ready to be used in game.


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