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A quick blog today to show off some of the potion models. In game they will have glow or sparkle effects, these are just the basic meshes with textures. I've made 30 unique potions for now. That should be enough to get started with. I've also set up a blend file with all I need to make more types later. The textures are just flat textures, I baked some matcap textures I designed on to a high poly version of the potion mesh.

Yummy, and not so yummy potions wait for the player to find... or make.

Because the game is going to be a pretty low magic setting, potions will be important. Don't expect to be carrying 30 potions of healing. Each potion you find will have a number of charges, or sips. The potion isn't used up until you've drained it dry.
For now potions are going to be assigned randomly each time you play. Don't expect a green vial to always be a healing potion, because it could change. Eventually I want to set up a fake "chemistry" for the world, where certain plants, or animal products can be combined to always get a predictable result. A character with alchemy skills will be able to research different materials to find out about their properties.
For example, red herbs can be mixed with green herbs to get brown herb powder, mix it with spider silk to make a potion of cure poison. I may in turn make this procedural so that it can be reset when you start a new game, so the whole "chemistry" of the world is stable for one game, but if you die and start again (not a very common thing in this game, but possible) you'll have to start your research over again.

If you like the look of the game (or if you don't) or if you have any suggestions, please post in the comments. I'd love to get some feedback about the game, even if it's just to say hurry up! :) If anyone would like to do an art asset swap, I'm also open to that if the assets are compatible.


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