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Following on from yesterday's brain storm I'm going to revisit clothing and armor briefly. Before there were four types of armor: Clothes, light, medium and heavy armor, as well as hats and cloaks.

I'm going to extend this to add robes, which can essentially be worn over your armor for extra visual distinction. I also added barbarian furs to fill up some of the slots created by adding the separate robes category:

New to the catwalk this season, dead animal wear.

I may extend these even more to make a whole new category of armor so that barbarians and the like can enjoy visually actuate representation on screen. I kind of hate seeing my barbarian walking around in purple elven chain mail.

I've also moved some of the magical armor out to be "unique" armor. There will be unique items in game, very rare and with their own graphics so they feel even more valuable.

Magical glowing high level armor!

I want to get all the weapons, armor and gear sorted out now because next up I'm going to be working on the inventory system and making equipment visible in game on the character models.

A mock up of my intended inventory system.
I'm going to aiming for a slot based inventory system, you'll be able to carry a certain number of slots worth of equipment depending on your strength. Picking up containers such as bags extends the number of slots available. If you drop the bag, you won't drop all the gear, but you won't be able to move until you reduce your load.

Enemies are going to have visually accurate weapons and armor (if any) just like the player. If you see a beast man with a battleaxe, you'll be able to take the battleaxe if you manage to defeat him.

Today I did some more clean up of the code, merging some stuff so I don't have to remember which object is handling which parts of the code. There is now a single object which hosts the scripts which drive most mechanics of the game. Next up I'll be moving some stuff away from GlobalDict which has been causing me problems and storing it as data in a property attached to the controller object instead. From there it can be marshal'd out for save games rather easily.


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