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More tiles

It's difficult to show the way tiles look in game with static images, so if you want to see a gif there's one here.

It's important that the different textures work well together, the Normal map, the diffuse texture and others have to bring out the 3d effect without overwhelming the viewer with too much detail.

Here's an example of a diffuse texture:
There's quite a bit of small scale detail, the little plants and things, but the large scale contrast is quite subdued. There's no very dark areas and no very light areas.

This is the most difficult thing to get right. As I talked about last year, it's no good having an amazing tile set if you can't see any of the characters or other details.

Here's the floor so far:
This is just one variation of floor tile. The final version would have several different tiles to choose from when generating the level so it doesn't repeat so much.

The look I'm aiming for is a kind of tabletop roleplaying tileset you would use with miniatures :

It doesn't have to be super detailed with loads of spikes and wooden beams and other things. The aim of the tileset is just to provide a background for the adventure. If it is too detailed then you can't see the characters properly.


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